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July 20, 2017

Get Your Flow On at Circle Yoga

Circle Yoga is an impressive yoga studio located on Northampton Street Northwest in DC. More than just a place to take great classes, this establishment seeks to be an important part of your lifestyle, no matter what stage of yoga practice you are currently on. People of all ages and abilities are welcome at Circle Yoga, even if they have... continue reading

July 14, 2017

Pick Up Pretty, Tasty Treats From Sweet Teensy

Sweet Teensy is a bakery with a coffee habit. This Wisconsin Circle establishment is one of Chevy Chase’s best places for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up. Start your day off with a fresh-baked pastry from Sweet Teensy. Whether you choose a scone, coffee cake or bacon twists, it’s sure to make your morning a bit brighter. The quiche makes... continue reading

June 7, 2017

Rock Creek Park Nature Center: A Pocket of Serenity Hidden in the Busy City

Rock Creek Park Nature Center sits at the heart of an enclave of greenery and wildlife in Washington, DC. You'll almost feel as though you've actually left the city, especially if you come to the park on the weekends. The park shuts down Beach Drive so that cyclists and joggers can enjoy it uninterrupted, a treat for anyone used to... continue reading

May 31, 2017

Combine Beef, Fish, or Cactus Tacos at Taqueria Del Barrio

Taqueria Del Barrio opened its doors just a couple of months ago, but this Petworth restaurant is already shaking up DC casual dining scene. The kitchen here specializes in Mexican fare with tacos as the main focus, and you can get just about any combination you like. Try the shredded beef topped with onions and cilantro, or go for the... continue reading

May 30, 2017

Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square, Through June 11th

The Chinese Lantern Festival is now open at Franklin Square now through June 11th. This one-of-a-kind experience includes collections of illuminated silk sculptures, acrobatics, dancers, and authentic crafts. During the Chinese Lantern Festival, the park will glow with 29 new handcrafted lanterns. One of the most popular lanterns from last year, the 200-foot-long Chinese Dragon, will even return for this... continue reading