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January 11, 2018

Enjoy Brunch or a Burger at Blue 44 Restaurant and Bar

A fresh, flaky biscuit crowned with a pair of poached eggs, mini crab cakes, sliced tomato, and Hollandaise sauce. A 10-ounce hanger steak with two eggs, hashbrowns, and seared brussels sprouts. Cinnamon-dusted French toast smothered with fresh berry compote and whipped cream. These are a few of the decadent Sunday brunch dishes that the chef dishes out at Blue 44... continue reading

November 10, 2017

Come Together at the Newly Opened Pear Plum Cafe

According to a feature in the Washington Post, Pear Plum Cafe was born of its founders' desire to create a meeting place for the community. At their first establishment, Each Peach Market, there simply wasn't enough space for families and friends to hang out. So when they heard that a storefront just a few doors down was available, they decided... continue reading

October 16, 2017

Comet Ping Pong: Gourmet Pizzas, Live Music and Ping Pong

New York Magazine, DCist, and Food & Wine Magazine are just a few of the high-profile publications that have taken the time to sing the praises of Comet Ping Pong. That's because this is more than just an eatery, more than just a concert venue, and more than just a game center — it's all three. As one reviewer points... continue reading

October 10, 2017

Find a Solid Workout and Solace at The Studio DC

Each of the instructors at The Studio DC brings his or her own unique experiences into the practice. One teacher found solace in yoga when a parent and a sibling suddenly had to lean on her for care and support; another naturally progressed to practicing yoga as an extension of her love for music and nature; and yet another abandoned... continue reading

October 4, 2017

Try the Love Potion Tea at Calabash Tea Bar and Cafe

Organic Assam black tea, cardamom, chai spices, and the not-so-secret ingredient of love go into the Love Potion #10, a signature chai tea that you'll only find at Calabash Tea Bar and Cafe. The slightly sweet, aromatic tea is a favorite at this colorful, exotic cafe, which was designed to emulate the places where the tea grows. Owner Sunyatta used... continue reading